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Historien om hvordan AlfGundersen blir AG&

I 75 år har vi hjulpet selskaper med omprofilering, navnebytter og merkestrekkstrategier. Men det blir aldri så vanskelig som når man skal gjøre det selv – for seg selv. Men i anledning vårt jubileum har vi nå fått ny logo, nytt navn og ny profil. Historien for dette skal vår kinesisk-australske designer Vanessa få forklare:

The new logo represents both AlfGundersen the agency and the full possibility of &, creating a single brand system and strategy for the next decade.

From the very beginning, in 1945, AlGundersen’s brand mark has relied on the same simple letterforms: A & G. 2020, we isolated the brand’s components to their purest form. Added a dash of playfulness, from simplified letter-shape to animated ampersand. Expressing the idea of infinitive possibilities, providing a crisper look that has flexible configurations more suited for digital applications.

The entire identity is built using the core elements found in the logo: geometry and colour. A new set of graphic tools have been developed to help us communicate effectively and concisely in all media. Custom emojis, illustrations and animation style have been established to create a consistent visual system to express a wide range of messages.

The typography is set in the timeless sans serif Avenir Next. During its research, we looked back to a version of the logo used in 1990, which featured typography with a similar aesthetic. The new typography plays on the perfectly balanced form, with right-angled letterform A that leads following dynamic contents, from you, our clients, services onto #DesigningBusiness. 

The digital interface is inspired by the Classic Mac OS from 1984, which is the foundation of today’s diverse pixel-perfect styles. We respect the beauty of its longevity and functionality, realize it onto different screen sizes.

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