Motion Graphics

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What is Motion Graphic?

Animasjon, UI/UX-design

Motion Graphics is Graphic Design in motion. The final product is a video – an intersection of storytelling, typography, images, animation and timing. It’s been seen everywhere from presentation, websites, streaming and onto social media, with a duration spinning from 5 seconds to 5 mins.

Since the rise of multiple devices and fast bandwidth, we see more organisations prioritise motion graphic projects. This is because video is one of the most effective tool to convey information.

So what does it cost? That depends on specific visual style and complexity. Currently, Adobe After Effects is the most common tool for creating motion graphics, but as web moves on, we’ve seen more in-browser animation using HTML5, Canvas or SVG.

Rule 1 – Storytelling

A strong story is the spine to a motion graphic project. Good planning is the key to productivity.

Rule 2 – Text with Caution

– the difference between a motion graphic and a slideshow.

According to psychology researches: Human rarely opted to choose content via two different mediums (text vs visual), in other words viewers consume only one of the versions and skip the second. Due to emotion-based processing, visitor will pay attention to colorful images, embedded video, attractive headlines and catchy slogans.

Some of our work

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Bergen Kommune – Amatørkulturplan

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